Jetzt Buchen

Art & culture at the Chalamandrin

The Hotel Chalamandrin is home to numerous works of art by various Swiss artists. Let yourself be inspired by the art and enjoy what our hotel and restaurant have to offer.

Vincenzo Baviera

In contrast to classical sculpture, which removes material in order to achieve its form, I work additively. I construct, put together. Similar to architecture, the surrounding space also plays an important role in my work. I therefore find ‘worker in space’ the most appropriate term for me as an artist.

Christophe Starck

A few years ago in Spain, I noticed the bud of a cactus plant that looked like a sleeping queen between the leaves. The result was the photo on the left: An unexpected glimpse into a hidden space in which plants appear as beings and create a mysterious world.

Irma Ritzmann

Works of art and decorative items lovingly designed according to the season by Irma Ritzmann from Ftan. The items are exhibited and also sold in the Chalamandrin.