Jetzt Buchen

Welcome to the heart of our hotel 
The Chalamandrin Team

Discover our dedicated team, which not only impresses with its professional expertise, but is also always ready to provide you with advice and assistance. If you have any questions or concerns, we are always there for you to make your stay and your well-being an all-round successful experience.


Paulo Simão
Host / Manager

At home in the hotel industry in the Upper and Lower Engadine for more than 20 years, he has been in charge of the operative destiny of the Chalamandrin Hotel and Restaurant since November 1st, 2022. He stands by the guests with support and good ideas.

Sylvia Simão
Deputy hostess

Also at home in the hotel industry and tourism in the Upper and Lower Engadine for more than 20 years, she supports Paulo mostly administratively and in the running restaurant operations on a part-time basis

Jachen Clavuot

The creative mind in the kitchen. Jachen conjures up the regional and Engadine specialities of the Chalamandrin menu every day with dedication and good humor. Freshness and regionality are particularly important to him.

Patryk Najgebauer
Assistant chef

In the vibrant kitchen of the Chalamandrin restaurant, Patryk helps our head chef Jachen. Together they conjure up the most delicious dishes for our Chalamandrin guests.

Bartosz Bobran and Zoltan Braun

Bartosz and Zoltan are full-blooded service staff members and always strive to fulfill our guests’ wishes. Whether in the afternoon with coffee and cake or at lunchtime and in the evening in the à la carte shop – both always have a nice word for our guests.

Ana Castro

The good soul of housekeeping and lingerie. Ana works tirelessly for cleaning and cleanliness. Since this summer you have also been supporting us in the restaurant at the drinks buffet.

Vitor Fernandez
Casserolier / Allrounder

Kitchen help and man for everything around the house. Whether mowing the lawn, helping out in the kitchen or relieving Ana on her days off, Vitor is our man for all eventualities.